Alterna-Care Home Health Care System of Central Illinois - Specialized Home Nursing Services - <image>Disease Management or Specialized Nursing Services is a program offered to patients who suffer from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, mental illness, osteoarthritis, and chronic wounds.

Home health care nurses who specialize in the treatment of a specific diagnosis provide care according to established guidelines.  Physician specialists collaborate at monthly interdisciplinary team meetings to fine tune the treatment plan according to established protocols.

Diabetes disease management follows the treatment guideline algorithms established by the Veterans Administration.  The diabetic disease manager meets monthly with our collaborating endocrinologist to discuss treatment plans.

Cardiac disease management follows treatment guideline algorithms recommended by James B. Young, MD and Roger M. Mills, MD.  Our cardiac disease manager meets monthly with our collaborating cardiologist to review treatment and interventions.

Our home health care nurse specialist for orthopedic care is experienced in pain management and works with our physical and occupational therapists in establishing an individualized treatment plan.

Mental health nursing is provided by a registered nurse certified in psychiatric care.  Our agency psychiatrist assists in the care planning for management of patients suffering from chronic depression, Alzheimer’s disease, senile dementia and other mental illnesses.

Wound Care is provided by our certified wound care nurse.  The agency’s infectious disease physician monitors the treatment and healing protocols for wound therapy.

Pediatric nurses who have experience in providing care to patients in hospital units and neonatal intensive care are available to oversee care delivered in the home.