Alterna-Care is accredited by the Joint CommisionAlterna-Care Home Health System is a Medicare certified, and Illinois Department of Public Health licensed home health agency.  As an acknowledgement of our continuity in excellence we have been accredited by the Joint Commission, which requires Alterna-Care Home Health System to abide by higher standards in providing home nursing. Click to download the brochure  PDF File

Alterna-Care Home Health System provides home health care to those in need of continuing medical care.  We provide staff to those who are disabled, chronically ill, or recovering from surgery.

Depending on the individual’s need, Alterna-Care Home Health System’s team of highly qualified clinicians can provide home nursing or therapy at many different levels in combination with different medical practitioners. Our staff includes Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Medical Social Workers, and Consulting Physicians.

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Registered Nurse: develops the plan of care with the patient’s primary physician.
Disease Manager Nurse: a home health care nurse with specialized training or experience in a specific disease develops a specialized program for individual patients.
Licensed Practical Nurse: assists the RN in performing nursing tasks
Certified Nursing Assistant: assists clients in activities of daily living and personal hygiene.
Physical Therapist: develops a treatment program to restore functioning.
Occupational Therapist: develops a treatment plan to assist clients in activities of daily living and independence.
Speech Therapist: develops a treatment plan to improve verbal communication, swallowing techniques and restore functioning.
Social Worker: acts as a facilitator in obtaining other community and supportive services, and is a counselor in improving coping skills
Housekeeper: Provides light house keeping and companion services such as meal preparation, laundry and shopping.

Alterna-Care NurseYour primary care physician develops your home nursing plan of care in collaboration with a home health care registered nurse or disease manager nurse.  We believe that physician collaboration is the key to a patient’s recovery and well being.

MonitorOur disease management nurses provide specialized home health care for chronic illnesses that include:  diabetes, cardiac disease, orthopedic disorders, mental health and wound care.  Telehealth monitors assist these home health care nurses in providing proactive and preemptive care to our patients by being able to ascertain an individual’s vital signs on a daily basis.

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Home health care services are available to people of all ages that may require intermittent services of a nurse, therapist or other health care professional.

Alterna-Care Home Health System partners with Aaron Nursing Services for hourly care and Hospice Care of Sangamon County for terminal illness care.

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