When I am discharged from the hospital, can I choose any home healthcare provider I want?

Yes. By law, you have the right to choose who you want to provide your healthcare. This includes your home healthcare. At the time of discharge, the discharge planner is supposed to present you with a list of home healthcare providers from which to choose. If a list is not provided to you, then it is your right to request one so you can make an informed decision. Of course, we hope you ask for Alterna-Care.


I recently had a knee replacement and had to wait two weeks after I was discharged from the hospital before my in-home therapy program was initiatied. Is this standard?

No. The prompt initiation of a patient-specific, in-home therapy regiment is vitally important to getting you back on the road to independence. It also reduces the likelihood that complications will arise post surgery. At Alterna-Care, whenever therapy is ordered, we pride ourselves on initiatiing just such a program within 48 hours of a patient's discharge from the hospital.


I have Congestive Heart Failure and have been in and out of the hospital frequently. Would I be able to receive the same care at home and avoid the multiple hospitalizations?

Yes. Home health nurses are able to administer many medications in the home intravenously (I.V.). These are usually the same treatments you would receive in the emergency room. Your physician can order an I.V. diuretic to be administered by a home health Registered Nurse. The service of the nurse is covered 100% under the Medicare benefit. If you have a secondary insurance it may cover the cost of the medication. As a patient of Alterna-Care, our cardiac disease management program may be the best fit for you. Your case will be managed by a team of nurses and a collaborating cardiologist in conjunction with your primary care physician.

If you are struggling with Congestive Heart Failure, call Alterna-Care and ask for a free evaluation.


My home health nurse has suggested a social worker for my father. I am the main caregiver to my father and I give very good care. I am concerned as to why the nurse is recommending a social worker evaluation. Could they make me place my father in a nursing home if we don't want to?

A social worker in home health is someone who can offer guidance in long range care planning. They can make referrals to many community services that will help you to care for your father. By accepting other resources of assistance you will be able to keep your father at home much longer than if you continue to do it all yourself. A home health social worker is your partner in care. For a free evaluation visit, call Alterna-Care.


If a patient receives physical therapy at a nursing home and benefits run out, are you able to have physical therapy at home after discharge from the nursing home?

Yes. The nursing home benefit is not the same as the home health benefit. If your physician feels you need to continue therapy at home, you can start a new home health episode of care. Alterna-Care will send a nurse to perform as initial evaluation and the therapist will then begin treatment visits. If there are any questions regarding coverage for home health, our intake nurses are happy to help you.


How can I tell if my parent needs to go to a nursing home?

It is difficult to know the answer to this question. Some people are able to remain in their home with support from outside resources. Private caregivers, or intermittent home health may be all that is needed to keep your parent home. A free home health evaluation visit will help you determine what is best for your parent. A Registered Nurse who is trained in Medicare qualifications for home health will help arrange the appropriate services and answer the many questions you might have regarding home care services. For a free evaluation visit, call Alterna-Care.